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Push Cmhaseries

Push with panel presented by CMHA Toronto

  • Canada, Sweden
  • 92
  • Fredrik Gertten
TUE, SEP 17 - 6:30 PM

Join CMHA Toronto for a screening of Fredrik Gerrten’s acclaimed exposé of the global housing crisis, followed by a lively panel on the connections between mental health and housing access.

Because Girls Series

Because We Are Girls

  • Canada
  • 85
  • Baljit Sangra
WED, OCT 9 - 6:30 PM

Haunted by a childhood secret, three courageous Indo-Canadian sisters from small-town BC finally face their abuser in court, exposing how their conservative upbringing conditioned them as victims. Followed by an expert panel, presented by the Canadian Women's Foundation and Woman ACT.

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