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Wu-Tang Forever: The Art and Legacy of Shaolin's Finest

This summer, on the 25th anniversary of the iconic 1997 album, Wu-Tang Forever, explore the many faces of rap's ultimate supergroup in this specially curated tribute series.

Series runs June 25 - July 23
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The Movie You Can’t Refuse: The Godfather at 50

“Leave the gun, take the cannoli”; “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”: no movie is more embedded in our popular imagination than The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola’s legendary saga of an all-American crime family, the Corleones. To mark the 50th anniversary of the film’s release, Hot Docs is presenting this specially curated series exploring the enduring mystique and influence of this pop-cultural juggernaut. 

Series runs May 21 - June 26
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Indie Sleaze Nights

Nostalgic for the days of trucker hats and skinny jeans? Still got your Strokes CDs and a janky polaroid camera? Hot Docs Cinema has you covered at its new Indie Sleaze night – a monthly evening of movies, music and capital v “VIBEZ, tuned to all things aughts. 
Young black man in front of Indigenous art

For Viola

Hot Docs' screening series centering Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC)-led stories and filmmakers, named in honour of Canadian civil rights icon Viola Desmond. This series seeks to affirm Hot Docs as a space of inclusion for BIPOC creators and audience members alike. To minimize barriers to audience participation, all screenings in this series are free of charge.
a girl with a hat holding a bag

Pastoral Fantasies: A Cottage Core Series

It’s the aesthetic that took social media by storm: part-Pinterest mood board, part-aspirational lifestyle, Cottagecore swept us off our feet with visions of baking fresh bread, frolicking through fields of wildflowers, and befriending the local woodland fauna. Uncover the roots of the increasingly popular pastoral fantasy in this summer screening series.
Series runs Starts July 16
people drinking soup

Watch List: Comfort Food

If this month’s premiere of Come Back Anytime leaves your mouth watering, pull up a chair for Watch List: Comfort Food, a curated collection of films that celebrates the joy of gathering around the table with good food and good friends.

Series runs July 22 - 27
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Watch List: The Con Is On

If this month’s premiere of The Talented Mr. Rosenberg leaves you gasping at the audacious schemes of Toronto’s own Yorkville Swindler, delve deeper into the brazen world of conmen, grifters and frauds with Watch List: The Con Is On, a curated collection of the best flimflam films to ever hit the screen.

Series runs July 16 - 21
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Watch List: High School Undercover

If this month’s premiere of My Old School leaves you nostalgic for teenaged drama and intrigue, head back to class with Watch List: High School Undercover, a curated collection of hits films that hilariously unpack adolescent aspirations and angst.

Series runs July 29 - 31

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